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Business Domain Name Broker

At this stage of internet development, it is a fair assumption that all good domains are already registered. The only legitimate way to acquire a better quality domain name is on the domain aftermarket, from domainers. The domainers are a group of people that see the value in premium domains and buy them from various sources, and quite often from other domainers. The article from USA today, " Domain names become premium Web real estate", is a nice story on domain business.

Domainers are actually not cybersquatters. By definition, cybersquatting only applies to trademark infringement using domain names. Those people either directly register trademark names, or register typos of the trademark. There are laws that prohibit such practice and the laws are enforced via organizations such as URDP and WIPO.

Sometimes, people might have already registered names for their own use, while a trademark is applied later. Acceding to this story, " owner sells domain to Microsoft", this name is exchanged for and extra.

Today, the domain aftermarket is a well established sector of internet commerce. The reported sale tops 100 million every year. .