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Business Domain Name Broker

Amdo, LLC is the leading provider of premium acronym domain names. We are one of the top holders of the 4 letter dotcoms, and have been involved in the sale and acquisition of domain names since 2006.

Domain names are extremely valuable virtual property. Think of the domain names as the land, while the development as the offices and houses built on top of them. At this stage of internet development, it is a fair assumption that all good domains are already registered. The only legitimate way to acquire a better quality domain name is on the domain aftermarket, from domainers.

Sometimes people do not understand our business and think we are just cybersquatters. We actually facilitate and enable the appropriate use of one of the most important assets on the internet - the domain name. While our price is not cheap, you can think it as a barrier of entrance for legitimate business. Imagine the domain put to personal use and the user demanding astronomic amount for the name; or even worse if the domain used inappropriately for spamming or pornography, your customer visiting the site are offended and will never come back to your service.

Domain name transaction represents a burgeoning market of internet. There are hundreds of million dollars worth of domain names sold every year. We price our domains according to the current market of the industry. We have compiled the list of 4 letter domains sold recently as reported by

We offer flexible payment options. In addition to a lump sum payment, you can pay with multiple installments. You can pay directly or third party escrow is supported. We prefer the service from, and accept any legitimate venue you want to suggest.